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Episode 11: The Final Episode, Season Review

This is it. The final Big Love episode and the final Unofficial Big Love Podcast. We’ll keep it light on details for those still waiting to watch the last ep. (If you want to know more, you’ll just have to listen!)

We recap the final episode. The final scene wraps up (most of) the seasons plot lines and puts, for the most part, a nice little ribbon on the Henricksons’ story. Some of us liked it, and some of us didn’t. But we do see Sarah and Scott return.

After that we give our verdicts on the season as a whole, and give some final thoughts.

Thanks for listening. We’ve had a blast all season long, as real Mormons talking about fictional Mormons. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Episode 10: Barb’s Has a New Church, Plans for Bill in Jail, Showdown with Alby

The penultimate episode of Big Love means the penultimate podcast.

Yes, Barb is going to a new church–the Reform Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which, as far as we can tell is a fictional approximation of the Community of Christ (formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Women holding the priesthood? They’ve got it. But do they approve of the Principle? Nope. Bill obviously doesn’t like it.

But Bill could be going to jail. So the wives start planning how to get their “needs’ met. Who’ll change the oil? Can Marge see Bill if she’s carrying his child? Hey, Bill, why not signing on for Barb to exercise the duties of the family’s priesthood holder?

Things heat up between Bill and Alby. Bill is tearing down buildings at Juniper Creek. Alby is plotting to have Bill killed. It culminates with a shootout at the State Capitol that ends with Bill shooting and capturing Alby.

All that, Ben and Heather and Rhonda, Cara Lynn and boarding school, Frank and Lois, the Bill-o-meter, and more!

Episode 9: More Greg Ivy and Cara Lynn, Legal Troubles, the Cult(?) of Goji Blasts

Just two more Big Love episodes as we break it down in podcast 9.

Greg Ivy and Cara Lynn take center stage in this episode. Margene sniffs out what’s going on. Greg denies, denies, denies when she shows up to confront them. (Then, of course, he admits his love for Cara Lynn.) Ben and Nicki both do their own separate flipping out when they hear about it too.

Barb a person of interest for procurement? Margie being interrogated? Bill knew he risked a trial for polygamy or bigamy, but being charged with rape? Bill even offers to resign if the Church will leave him alone. Things are looking bad.

Bill and Barb are worried about Margie’s participation in Goji Blasts–calling it a cult–just after Michael Saint confronts Margie about being in a cult of her own with her family. Which one is it? And what about the Mormon Church itself?

All that, Alby keeps getting crazier and craftier, Barb shows up at a church with a woman Bishop, and more!

Episode 8: Nicki’s Wedding, Re-sealing, Heather and the Bishop

We’re all the way up to Big Love episode 7, which means we’re back atcha with our 8th Unofficial Big Love podcast!

Bill and Nicki’s wedding was the big event this week. With Barb officiating, no less! But did that gleam in Barb’s eyes mean she was somehow sabotaging it?

Afterward, Barb discovered the other three in the marriage going ahead with the re-sealing, even after she said she didn’t want one. Was it a slap in the face to Barb? No big deal? We panelists disagree.

And Heather. Oh, Heather. You just had to go tell your Bishop (in . . . what was that, some sort of ski lodge?!) about the Henricksons’ little secret, didn’t you.

All that, your Greg-and-Cara-Lynn update, the Bill-o-meter, and more!

Episode 7: Real Divorce?, the Sacrament, Greg Ivy and Cara Lynn

It’s Big Love episode 6 and podcast 7.

This so-called paper divorce between Bill and Barb is looking a lot more real. Ben’s worried about his parents, Nikki’s power hungry, and Barb’s still using her leverage to tweak Nicki.

Barb, after finding a lesbian mentor, refuses to take the sacrament at Bill’s new church! In LDS sacrament meetings a letter was read focusing on Bill and his use of the term Mormon.

And yes, the Greg Ivy and Cara Lynn situation comes to a head.

Episode 6: Divorce, (More) Women and the Priesthood, the Mormon “Brand”

We’re all back (Melissa too!) to tackle the fifth Big Love episode on our sixth podcast.

The D-word comes up early on. Is it just to adopt Cara Lynn, or does it mean more?

Barb and the Priesthood–a recurring theme–is a big again in this episode. We talk about the laying on of hands and lines of authority, which Bill says Barb doesn’t have. Do Mormons believe someone can receive the Priesthood through the Still Small Voice or the Holy Ghost? (No.)

Bill is invited to the LDS Church Office Building to discuss his use of the word “Mormon.” The mainstream Church has indeed worked hard to control its brand image through the years, going back at least to Wilford Woodruff’s Manifesto in 1890.

We also check in on the Greg Ivy/Cara Lynn situation, the Bill-o-meter, and more!

Episode 5: Lying for the Lord, the Future Return(?) of Polygamy, Faith & Wealth

The crew (minus Melissa, sadly) is back to talk about the fourth Big Love episode of the season in our fifth podcast.

Right off the bat we parse Bill’s statements about lies, prevarication, and “lying for the Lord.” We look at the Mormon tradition of leaders past and present avoiding talk of polygamy.

Bill tells the Utah Senate “all good Mormons believe one day polygamy will come back.” Well, kind of, but kind of not. The truth about Mormons and the potential of future polygamy is in fact much more complicated than that.

Margene’s progress with Goji Blasts has led to a strengthening of her faith. The panel explores the Mormon connection between prosperity and spirituality.

Plus, we revisit the issue of Cara Lynn’s math teacher Greg Ivy and dish about the return of Rhonda!

Episode 4: Roles of Men and Women, Apostasy, Margene’s Big Secret

Big Love episode 3 aired this week, which means our fourth podcast is here!

This week we talk about how men’s and women’s roles differ for Mormons, from the Bill’s and Ben’s Special Salute to Womanhood to the big changes Bill instituted in Church.

Apostasy is all over the place in this episode. Barb continues to drift further away from her faith, and Adaleen and Lura both leave Alby and the compound. Lura stays away, but Adaleen comes back. What will happen to Barb?

And Margene drops a bombshell. As a result, Bill and Alby start to seem more and more alike.

Questions and Comments for Episode 4

Have any reactions to the third Big Love episode? Is there something you’d like us to cover on our fourth podcast or want to say about our last one?

Ask away!

Episode 3, part 2: Women and the Priesthood, Pornography, Dating

In part 2 of our third podcast, we continue discussing the many Mormon references in the second episode and address some listener questions.

We give background on Barb’s attempts to give a priesthood blessing to Margie and get one from her Mom, and cover just how radical and subversive an act that is by Barb. A listener asks whether Barb’s trip to the temple in season 3 might have encouraged Barb to try to use the priesthood, and the panel gets deeper into the temple and authority in Mormonism.

Pornography came up a few times in this episode, too. Mormons have a particular take on that subject, of course, and we get into it.

Do children born out of wedlock or whose parents get divorced go to the celestial kingdom with the father or the mother? How does sealing work, anyway? Speaking of blessings, what’s with Bill blessing his unborn child inside pregnant Ana? What’s with Nicki’s obsession with Cara Lynn’s dating before she’s 16? We cover it all.