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Episode 7: Real Divorce?, the Sacrament, Greg Ivy and Cara Lynn

It’s Big Love episode 6 and podcast 7. This so-called paper divorce between Bill and Barb is looking a lot more real. Ben’s worried about his parents, Nikki’s power hungry, and Barb’s still using her leverage to tweak Nicki. Barb, after finding a lesbian mentor, refuses to take the sacrament at Bill’s new church! In [...]

Episode 6: Divorce, (More) Women and the Priesthood, the Mormon “Brand”

We’re all back (Melissa too!) to tackle the fifth Big Love episode on our sixth podcast. The D-word comes up early on. Is it just to adopt Cara Lynn, or does it mean more? Barb and the Priesthood–a recurring theme–is a big again in this episode. We talk about the laying on of hands and [...]

Episode 5: Lying for the Lord, the Future Return(?) of Polygamy, Faith & Wealth

The crew (minus Melissa, sadly) is back to talk about the fourth Big Love episode of the season in our fifth podcast. Right off the bat we parse Bill’s statements about lies, prevarication, and “lying for the Lord.” We look at the Mormon tradition of leaders past and present avoiding talk of polygamy. Bill tells [...]

Episode 4: Roles of Men and Women, Apostasy, Margene’s Big Secret

Big Love episode 3 aired this week, which means our fourth podcast is here! This week we talk about how men’s and women’s roles differ for Mormons, from the Bill’s and Ben’s Special Salute to Womanhood to the big changes Bill instituted in Church. Apostasy is all over the place in this episode. Barb continues [...]