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Questions and Comments for Episode 2

Have a question you’d like us to address on episode 2? We’d love to hear from you!

Use this thread to ask us anything about Big Love or Mormonism, or leave any reactions you have to the show. Or, email us at We’ll draw on listener feedback for future episodes.

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  • Mike from Seattle

    I noticed a long sleeve tee under Albie’s dapper dress shirt in episode 1 – which I thought was weird since he just spent some time in the desert. Was this the fabled Temple Garment (aka magic underwear)? Have their been any other references to mormon underwear in the series?

    • Bob Caswell

      Good question, Mike. I’ll have to go back and look to see if Alby’s attire gives anything away. Long sleeved garments were all the rage up until some point in the 20th century when short sleeved garments became more predominant. But Alby rockin’ it old school would be in line with his fundamentalist roots.

      Anyway, not sure how much attention has been given to garments… we may need to take a closer look, would be a good topic for discussion. Thanks.

  • Glenn

    In episode 6 of season 4, Adaleen very shyly and modestly strips down into her full-length garments on her wedding night with JJ. You see her lay down on the bed, her bra is worn over the top — it just looks like long underwear. JJ also has his on, but they are under his plaid robe, which he begins to remove as the scene ends. Again, it just looks like long cotton winter underwear — not what mainstream LDS wear today, but very indicative of what would have been worn in the early 1900′s before modern comforts began playing a role in the design (which caused quite a rift in the older/younger generation at the time, as you might imagine).

    And in episode 3 of season 4, Alby is dressing in a hotel room after a very fascinating discussion with Dale, that we will talk about in a future episode at some point. Alby puts on his garments there as “Roman” talks to him from the side of the room (ghost of Roman? Alby’s imagination/guilt complex? — powerful stuff!)

  • Mormon Underwear

    Magical Mormon Underwear 
    protecting the wearer from being eaten alive by wild animals! that’s that. And no matter what other people may think I personally think it’s only their faith and not the underwear itself.