Unofficial Big Love

Real Mormons Talking About Fictional Mormons

Episode 3, part 2: Women and the Priesthood, Pornography, Dating

In part 2 of our third podcast, we continue discussing the many Mormon references in the second episode and address some listener questions.

We give background on Barb’s attempts to give a priesthood blessing to Margie and get one from her Mom, and cover just how radical and subversive an act that is by Barb. A listener asks whether Barb’s trip to the temple in season 3 might have encouraged Barb to try to use the priesthood, and the panel gets deeper into the temple and authority in Mormonism.

Pornography came up a few times in this episode, too. Mormons have a particular take on that subject, of course, and we get into it.

Do children born out of wedlock or whose parents get divorced go to the celestial kingdom with the father or the mother? How does sealing work, anyway? Speaking of blessings, what’s with Bill blessing his unborn child inside pregnant Ana? What’s with Nicki’s obsession with Cara Lynn’s dating before she’s 16? We cover it all.

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