Unofficial Big Love

Real Mormons Talking About Fictional Mormons

Episode 5: Lying for the Lord, the Future Return(?) of Polygamy, Faith & Wealth

The crew (minus Melissa, sadly) is back to talk about the fourth Big Love episode of the season in our fifth podcast.

Right off the bat we parse Bill’s statements about lies, prevarication, and “lying for the Lord.” We look at the Mormon tradition of leaders past and present avoiding talk of polygamy.

Bill tells the Utah Senate “all good Mormons believe one day polygamy will come back.” Well, kind of, but kind of not. The truth about Mormons and the potential of future polygamy is in fact much more complicated than that.

Margene’s progress with Goji Blasts has led to a strengthening of her faith. The panel explores the Mormon connection between prosperity and spirituality.

Plus, we revisit the issue of Cara Lynn’s math teacher Greg Ivy and dish about the return of Rhonda!

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  • Chelsea

    Great discussion guys!

    “There are no bad LOST episodes, only bad LOST viewers.” I know that this is true, with every fiber of my being. Amen.

    • Glenn

      Thank you Chelsea. Message from room 23: “God big loves you as he big loved Jacob. ” You are in the club. Namaste.

  • Michael Gonda

    Okay Glenn, I know this is the wrong episode but after (Big Love) episode 5 I am starting to think Greg Ivy is pretty darn normal.

    • Bob Caswell

      You and me both! Glenn and I (and pretty much everyone) bicker about it again in the latest podcast (soon to be posted).

    • Glenn

      One man’s normal is another Bob’s mall-walker-with-mom-and-dad.

      • Anonymous

        “One man’s normal is another Bob’s mall-walker-with-mom-and-dad. ”

        LOL! I was totally clueless about Ivy until it clicked when one of your hosts suggested the “creeper” element. When I saw him with his folks, I thought OK, he must be the good gay character, that’s why he is hanging out and maybe living w/his parents- because he’s in the closet or whatever or repressed (as opposed to Albie being the bad gay guy) and maybe he has a social-worker-y /activisty take Cara Lynn under his wing kinda thing. I mean he’s not a bad looking guy or anything, but he does have a little of that Mr Roger’s Neighborhood feel. But, I was wrong big time and your co-host was right on.