Unofficial Big Love

Real Mormons Talking About Fictional Mormons

Episode 7: Real Divorce?, the Sacrament, Greg Ivy and Cara Lynn

It’s Big Love episode 6 and podcast 7.

This so-called paper divorce between Bill and Barb is looking a lot more real. Ben’s worried about his parents, Nikki’s power hungry, and Barb’s still using her leverage to tweak Nicki.

Barb, after finding a lesbian mentor, refuses to take the sacrament at Bill’s new church! In LDS sacrament meetings a letter was read focusing on Bill and his use of the term Mormon.

And yes, the Greg Ivy and Cara Lynn situation comes to a head.

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  • Non-Mormon BL Fan

    I really enjoyed the podcast, and as a non-Mormon it’s a real education for me. I was especially interested in the discussion of Heavenly Mother. It was surprising to learn that she is not often discussed since she is mentioned — at least indirectly — in the Proclamation to the Family. Did I infer correctly that there is no general belief about whether there is one Heavenly Mother, or more than one? Thanks.

    • Bob Caswell

      Glad you enjoyed the podcast. You did, indeed, infer correctly that there is no general belief about how many “Heavenly Mothers” there are. I’d say 99% of Mormons never connect the two doctrines of Heavenly Mother and Polygamy. But truth be told, they are as connected as anything else. Unless you exclude/ignore one doctrine or the other, it follows that in Mormonism there is definitely a chance that God has more than one wife.

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