Unofficial Big Love

Real Mormons Talking About Fictional Mormons

Episode 8: Nicki’s Wedding, Re-sealing, Heather and the Bishop

We’re all the way up to Big Love episode 7, which means we’re back atcha with our 8th Unofficial Big Love podcast!

Bill and Nicki’s wedding was the big event this week. With Barb officiating, no less! But did that gleam in Barb’s eyes mean she was somehow sabotaging it?

Afterward, Barb discovered the other three in the marriage going ahead with the re-sealing, even after she said she didn’t want one. Was it a slap in the face to Barb? No big deal? We panelists disagree.

And Heather. Oh, Heather. You just had to go tell your Bishop (in . . . what was that, some sort of ski lodge?!) about the Henricksons’ little secret, didn’t you.

All that, your Greg-and-Cara-Lynn update, the Bill-o-meter, and more!

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