Unofficial Big Love

Real Mormons Talking About Fictional Mormons

Episode 11: The Final Episode, Season Review

This is it. The final Big Love episode and the final Unofficial Big Love Podcast. We’ll keep it light on details for those still waiting to watch the last ep. (If you want to know more, you’ll just have to listen!)

We recap the final episode. The final scene wraps up (most of) the seasons plot lines and puts, for the most part, a nice little ribbon on the Henricksons’ story. Some of us liked it, and some of us didn’t. But we do see Sarah and Scott return.

After that we give our verdicts on the season as a whole, and give some final thoughts.

Thanks for listening. We’ve had a blast all season long, as real Mormons talking about fictional Mormons. Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

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  • windysea

    Thanks you guys! I really enjoyed listening to you this season.

  • Bill W.

    Thanks so much for doing this podcast, I enjoyed each and every one! Can’t believe Big Love is kaput … sigh.

  • Bob Caswell

    Thanks for listening windysea and Bill W.! Glad we added to the Big Live fun… sigh is right, though, can’t believe Big Love is over.

  • ckonstantin

    I thought bill asking for the blessing was more him acknowledging that he accepts *Barb* more than any formal recognition or nod of approval, or even desperation. The part where ol Bill asked her to come back and attend or visit with his church services to me felt awkward and weird after her being left out of the seal;ing-kind of a polite, but weird solicitousness.
    And yeah, I could have lived without ol Crazy Killer Carl as well. They almost had to cut away and not show the actual shooting not because it would have been too offensive or disturbing but because it might have become ridiculous. At the risk of making , ok well, it’s going to be a tasteless joke- the phrase they use in the U.K. brings to mind ‘Sod off!’ which may not have been lost on the producers- people who enjoy little puns and things like that, which is kind of ughhhhhh in the context of BL.The whole Carl premise seemed super-lame- given the fact Bill has real enemies- even if Albie is taken out of the picture , he has minions (Adaleen? That older manly chick?) or what if his work partner had snapped? He’s seemed pretty disturbed as of late, and now has lost the business, and he’s all but admitted he’s suffering mental stuff over all this-but maybe that was just to mislead people.

    The thing about Nikki and the daughter wearing black and Barb wearing red seems telling in the sense that it implies some people are mourning more than others..perhaps that Barb had ‘broken’ (sorry to use that word) with Bill on some level before he died. The red just seemed kind of wrong though baby-blessing or not- and while this isn’t ‘the old days’ where widows wore black forever, I mean it hasn’t even been one complete year, Barb. I don’t know what to make of Margie, her causes, her hair- if Teeny was over in Margies’ bathroom and she was packing ,the suggestion is they haven’t lost the houses.

    The ‘love is dangerous’ Nikki speech I thought was a nod to her FBI dude of seasons past. The doofy Ben/Heather quandry with the Rhonda debacle looked to me like Ben being torn between not only his base emotions or desires and higher ones, but also Heather and Rhonda sort of represent the old world and the new- the world where everyone kind of lives in this idealistic universe (the well- meaning but hastily and slightly sleazily enacted ‘I promised to take care of you’ to Rhonda)-

    The main point of the show seemed to be about acceptance. Bill ultimately accepts Barb and her blessing ( we can read into it he finally acknowledges her, and of course the mystery paper he was writing shortly before his death) 2) barb accepts Nikki and all her weird dysfunctionalness and loves her anyway 3) everyone acknowledges Margie needing to go on some we-are-the-world mission and even watches her three kids – anyway given who the producers of BL are, it is not shocking the theme is acceptance, the ‘we know you are not perfect, we know you are flawed, but we love you anyway’…